[CentOS] installing on HP DV5000 64 bit

Sun Feb 19 17:18:40 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

mrrs wrote:
> Has anyone managed to install CentOS 4.2 on an HP dv5000 64 bit laptop?
> I boot from the install cd, and all of the options I have tried ( return, linux text, linux
> noprobe, linux lowres ) have had the same result: some text scrolls by really fast ( looks like
> the start of the install), then the screen goes blank with no activity of any kind.
> The processor is the turion 64, and it has ATI video. The odd thing is, I was actually able to
> boot knoppix 4.0 to repartition it for dual boot
> any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried connecting an outboard monitor to see if that's a bit 
more revealing of the error message(s) than the LCD?  I suspect you're 
just getting bitten by some video driver issue.

When you get it working, I'd love to hear about your battery life.  My 
R3000Z w/Athlon 64 3400+ blows through the high capacity 12-cell battery 
pretty quickly.  I'm hoping the Turion is a bit better or that someone 
manages to figure out how to get Linux booting up on  the 
lighter/thinner Macbook Pro.  8-)