[CentOS] Http proxy set in yum.conf is not working for the new yum mirrorlist system

Mon Feb 20 09:28:11 UTC 2006
Radu Radutiu <rradutiu at gmail.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 08:16 -0600, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 13:39 +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>> Radu Radutiu wrote:
>>>> I am using 4-4.5. The proxy only allows port 80 and it works if I set 
>>>> the http_proxy environment variable but not the yum.conf proxy 
>>>> configuration.
>>> can you post the output from :
>>> rpm -q yum centos-yumconf
>>> rpm -Vv centos-yumconf
>>> and also post your main yum.conf file here.
>>> - K
>> OK ... I think that we have now confirmed that the default yum behavior
>> is not to enable the proxy information in it's config file until after
>> it has already obtained the mirror information.
>> This is a yum design issue and when it enables the proxy information.
>> We are going to look to see if it is possible to make the mirrorlist
>> selection happen through the proxy info provided by yum.conf ... in the
>> meantime, please leave the proxy information in your ENV ... or pass it
>> in when you issue the yum command.
>> Thanks for you feedback in helping to make CentOS better.
> We have a new yum RPM that uses the proxy to select the mirrorlists if
> one is defined in yum.conf or in a .repo file.
> The new yum is available here for testing:
> http://dev.centos.org/centos/4/testing/i386/RPMS/yum-2.4.2-2.centos4.noarch.rpm
> (yum is a noarch RPM and this version should work on all centos-4
> arches)
> This will be released after it is tested and we know it works, so please
> reply to this posting if you have a proxy server and yum was not working
> for you before.
> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The new version works ok for me with the proxy configuration in yum.conf.


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