[CentOS] DNS Setting

Mon Feb 20 14:58:34 UTC 2006
Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex at milivojevic.org>

Quoting str tux <str.tux at gmail.com>:

> But in addition, I want also some kind of redirection or mapping (i
> don't know what you called that) that when people go to
> http://mycompany.com (without www), it should forward also to the www
> server.

Make either A or CNAME record pointing to your web server (like you did 
for www.foobar.com).  This will not affect email delivery for 
@foobar.com as long as you have MX record for it (MTA are supposed to 
search first for MX, then fall back to A and/or CNAME only if MX does 
not exist).

This will work, but you might also want to do this additional (mostly 
cosmetic) step.  In Apache configuration, define redirection so that 
when people hit "foobar.com" they get redirected to "www.foobar.com".  
I've read somewhere that some search engines might penalize your site 
if they find "duplicate" content (like foobar.com and www.foobar.com 
being identical).  I've no idea if this is just urban legend or some 
search engines really do that (would be nice if somebody can either 
confirm this, or tell if it is just a myth).  However, myth or no myth, 
some stuff in Apache configuration gets simpler if you don't need to 
manage support for both foobar.com and www.foobar.com, and to be on the 
safe side, placing something like this in 
/etc/httpd/conf.d/rewrite.conf should work:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^http://foobar.com(.*)$ http://www.foobar.com$1 [L,R=permanent]

You could place the above two lines into main httpd.conf file too.  I 
simply find mora managable to have my additional stuff in separate 
files.  If you are already using rewriting rules, you probably already 
have the "RewriteEngine On" line.  In that case, just add RewriteRule 
wherever your other rewriting rules are (see Apache documentation for 
more details and description of L and R flags).

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