[CentOS] Centos vs FC

Wed Feb 22 10:49:53 UTC 2006
Tony Wicks <tony at prophecy.net.nz>

Will McDonald wrote:
> On 22/02/06, Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at cbn.net.id> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I hope I'm not starting a flame war.
>> I'm installing Centos 4.2 for a mail server. I've been experimenting with,
>> Centos before, and now wanting to put it into a real action as mail server.
>> Can someone pls tell me the up and down between Centos and FC?
>> I'm familiar with FC4 and some things that I like from it:
>> 1. The available packages are abundant. Very easy to find packages for FC4.
>> 2. The user list is very active and friendly too.
The bottom line is if you want a workstation with the latest of most 
things use Fedora, if you want a stable long life (but still able to do 
every task) server use Centos. RHEL (Centos) will patch a broken 
package, Fedora will replace it with the latest version (that fixes the 
break). For example I run a mirror server that distributes both Centos 
and Fedora (remotely), it runs Centos as it does the job flawlessly. If 
it ran Fedora I would have to always worry about applying updates as 
they make break it and seeing as it is 500Km away that would be a real pain.