[CentOS] Anyone running VMWARE server on CentOS?

Wed Feb 22 17:02:16 UTC 2006
WipeOut <wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net>

Steve Huff wrote:
> On Feb 22, 2006, at 10:20 AM, WipeOut wrote:
>> Since VMWare server is now free its probably the perfect time to do  it..
>> The only issue is getting the VMWare up and running.. I would  prefer 
>> to run it on CentOS as the host OS but if it means  recompiling half 
>> the system and not being able to use standard  updates then it will 
>> probably just be a pain..
> i'm running it on a Dell Latitude D610, as an alternative to dual- 
> booting the laptop.  CentOS 4.2 is the host OS and one of the guest  OSes.
> so far it works reasonably well (install vmware-server rpm, install  
> linux client rpm, run vmware-config.pl, run vmware-config-console.pl,  
> run vmware-console).  i had to install X on the host OS so that i  could 
> run the VMware console, but i could get away with just the  basic "X 
> Windows" package group (didn't need GNOME or KDE).  i also  installed 
> the "Development Tools" package group, since vmware- config.pl 
> complained about needing gcc.
> during host OS install i disabled the firewall and disabled SELinux.
> once i have my guest OSes running the way i want them i'll be  removing 
> as many nonessential packages from the host OS as i can.  i  could also 
> conceivably uninstall VMware server and replace it with  VMware player 
> if the need arises.
> so far the biggest problem i've encountered is that CentOS 4.2 seems  
> unable to deal with ACPI events; it doesn't successfully wake from  
> sleep.  this is inconvenient, but not the end of the world.
> -steve
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> improbable fiction. - Fabian, Twelfth Night, III,v

Thanks to all that replied.. Think I will have a crack at it.. One of 
the guest OS'es will be Win2k Server so that should be interesting.. :)