[CentOS] Xen on Centos 4.2....anyone on the list?

Wed Feb 22 22:16:49 UTC 2006
Michael Best <mbest at pendragon.org>

Sanjay Arora wrote:
> I have some questions for setting up & running Xen on a production but 
> low load server running on CentOS 4.2. Does any one on the list have any 
> experience with it? Shall I post my queries? Did not have much luck with 
> Xen list. General comments on various issues I need some 
> elaboration/confirmation from someone experienced can make a lot of 
> difference to me.
> With best regards.
> Sanjay.

I documented the experiences I had with Xen-unstable (pre-3.x) at:

It's mostly the same for Xen 3.x

There is also this page where we did a bit of work and recompiled glibc 
for Centos 4.2.


Feel free to ask me any questions, I will try to answer what I know.