[CentOS] Re: gnucash for Centos 4.1

Fri Feb 24 00:11:30 UTC 2006
Murphy, MJ <centos at mjmurphy.net>

BRUCE STANLEY <bruce.stanley at ...> writes:

> Murphy, MJ <centos at mjmurphy.net> wrote:  BRUCE
STANLEY  writes:> > >   Where can I find the RPMs (i do not use yum at this
time) for the gnucash application progrm?> > >

> CentOS mailing list> CentOS <at> ...>
http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos> Have you considered Moneydance
(http://www.moneydance.com)?  Works well cross-OSas it is java-based.  Shareware
but upgrades are free.I have used it successfully on RH, Fedora and now Centos,
as well as Win2K, forthe past 5 years or so (since Q "sunsetted" support for a
previous version).MJM   Are you refereing to their trial version for Linux? 
>  Would I need to download the Linux version with there  Java support

Yes, there is a trial version (100 new entries I think before you must register)
but you can import your old data without limits.

You're probably better off doing the full install, but there are directions on
how to set it up using a previously-installed version of Java (you have to ln to
the currently-installed Java version).  When I started there was no install and
I had to link, etc., but now it's more straightforward, I think.

You might also search google for "moneydance gmane" which will give you a
searchable view of the mailing list (it reminds me alot of the centos mailing
list, filled with folks willing to pitch in, and in a surprisingly accessible
manner, also visited by the originator of the MD program, Sean Reilly.

Good luck, and enjoy.