[CentOS] installing centos x86_64 on AMD Turion laptop

Sat Feb 25 23:58:04 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

mrrs wrote:
> --- Andrew Rice <andrew at nams.net> wrote:
>> hey all...just curious if anyone has dealt with any issues regarding installing centos x86_64 on
>> a laptop running
>> with an AMD turion 64 bit processor
>> -- 
>> Andrew Rice Jr
> Funny you should mention that - I just went through this and pestered the list about this very
> subject about a week ago. I have an HP Pavillion with an ATI card, and the video to the laptop
> display blanked in X. I had to use an external monitor to do the install. Once the install was
> complete, the video worked in VESA mode.

get the ati drivers from their website - they will work fine.

also, w.r.t the issue of the external port being made the default - you 
should be able to poke in the bios of the machine to make lcd the 
default. Alternatively, the keyboard combination to enable / disable 
external display should bring the display back onto your local lcd.

> Also the hard drive is very slow - there does not seem to be a way to enable DMA mode. Someone
> else on the list had this same problem.

there was a fix posted sometime back, check for that.

Am away to fosdem/2006 at the moment - will be back in town in a few 
days, if you have not had a fix by then, let me know and I'll post the 
hdd issue fix.

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