[CentOS] Bandwidth limiting and shaping

Sun Feb 26 20:04:20 UTC 2006
ryan <ryanag at zoominternet.net>

Not scientific, but here you go:

LAN Clients:
4 laptops, 1 vongage ATA

Traffic Load:
3 laptops running bittorrent with popular torrents, one uploading large ftp 
file. 1 Vonage call

WAN Link:
1 Mbps DSL (max uplink)

Never went over 60%, Vonage call stayed clear.

Traffic Shaping rules:
About 30. Vonage (5060-5061) traffic was prioritized.

On Saturday 25 February 2006 9:00 pm, hkclark at gmail.com wrote:

> I was not aware of Soekris... looks interesting.  Anyone have
> performance stats on typical throughput for the 4501?
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