[CentOS] Sendmail.cf / access.db

Mon Feb 27 12:30:49 UTC 2006
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 07:30 -0500, Mark Weaver wrote:

> Sam Drinkard wrote:
> > I've noticed from the sendmail logs, certain IP's are being blocked via
> > the known spammers configuration in the sendmail.cf.  What I also note
> > is in my access file, I have several TLD's that are listed, yet are NOT
> > being blocked.  Yes, I do call a make after each edit of the access
> > list, and going by the timestamp on access.db, it appears to being
> > updated, yet again, in the sendmail portion of the daily logs, those
> > TLD's which are in the access list are not listed as being blocked. 
> > 
> > Hope that is not too confusing.. think I confused myself, but in any
> > case, things are in there that should be blocked and are not being. 
> > 
> > Hints?
> > 
> > Sam
> Hi Sam,
> What do the entries look like? I mean how do they appear in the
> /etc/mail/access file?

Mark, the entries are like this....        REJECT
25.110.50              REJECT
30.120                  REJECT
40                        REJECT
somedomain.com  REJECT
zw                        REJECT
another-idea.com  REJECT

etc... those just examples of the way the IP's and hostnames are in the
access file.  I've been using an access file for years, but just noticed
these IP's were not being blocked, but some are being caught by the
spamd/rtbl and other spam fighting tools.


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