[CentOS] Bandwidth limiting and shaping

Mon Feb 27 14:07:02 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Oliver Schulze L. wrote:
> Wow, thanks for that link.
> The soekris hardware look very interesting.
> So, having a soekris hardware or a PC as a your router
> allows you to shape both NICs? The Internet NIC and
> your Intranet NIC?

I think my only real concern with that appliance (nifty box, BTW) would 
be how much traffic it could handle before being saturated and/or adding 
significant latency.  With small form factor pc's so cheap, unless you 
have extremely restrictive space, power requirements or budget, it might 
be somewhat limiting.  I've seen SFF cases/motherboards that can handle 
P4/Athlon64 systems that aren't much bigger than a child's lunchbox.   
They're not even that expensive.