[CentOS] vpopmail over NFS not seeing new messages.

Tue Feb 28 13:42:50 UTC 2006
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 28/02/06, Paul Schoonderwoerd <paul at pollux-it.nl> wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 February 2006 13:29, Will McDonald wrote:
> IMHO looks more like a POP issue to me although the time representation seems
> odd. But this could be nfs-client related. What does it look like when you
> mount a share locally on the server where it is exported ?

I'll have a look at that now. Right, weirdly, exporting to localhost
and then mounting that locally on the NFS server, the timestamps look
OK, but they're still borked on clients.

[root at tempmailstore1a mnt]# mount -t nfs localhost:/mnt/drbd/home/
[root at tempmailstore1a mnt]# cd
[root at tempmailstore1a new]# ls -ltr
total 8
-rw-------  1 vpopmail vchkpw  854 Feb 28 13:40 1141126119.27119.mailserv1,S=773

> I'm thinking locking/timing/uid's/accessrights...

The UID/GIDs are identical on the new clients and both old and new
servers (Qmail/VPOPMail gets very overwrought if you change UIDs :)).

It could be a locking thing, I noticed this on the nanhat list earlier...


> Is there anything in the log about POP ? Is it possible to run in debug-mode
> to generate some ?

POP works just fine in terms of authentication, it's just not seeing
new files in the Maildirs until 'x' amount of time has passed, where
'x' is orders of magnitude greater than NFS attribute caching
could/should account for.

> Optional: dovecot imap server will also do pop.

I dread to think what would be involved in migrating all the
Qmail/VPOPmail architecure we have over to something else. It's
inherited, and entrenched. :o\