[CentOS] CPAN module install problem

Tue Feb 28 14:09:01 UTC 2006
James Olin Oden <james.oden at gmail.com>

> >
> >Do yourself a favour and avoid using CPAN (had been discussed here on
> >the list in length).
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CPAN is fine, but you should use one of the tools that convert cpan
archives into rpms.  I personally use cpanflute2 which comes with the
RPM::Specfile(3pm) archive.   Its very easy to use, and within seconds
(depending on the cpan modules build time) you will have an RPM and an
SRPM if you like.

On another front work in the most recent versions of rpm is being done
to support runtime probes for dependencies.  Sounds complicated, but
basically think of it as looking out side of the package management
system for dependencies such that whether you install a CPAN module
from an rpm or from an rpm, RPM can detect its there and thus the
dependency is satisfied.

I personally prefer everything to be in a package, but I see the
merits of the latter approach.  Also, as an aside, the runtime
dependencies are much more powerful than that, in that they can be
used to put /proc/cpuinfo and gconf dependencies on packages, which I
do find to be very powerfull if used appropriately.