[CentOS] Re: p5v800-MX

Tue Feb 28 21:57:05 UTC 2006
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

Jim Perrin spake the following on 2/28/2006 1:34 PM:
> On 2/28/06, Mark Quitoriano <markquitoriano at gmail.com> wrote:
>> well the installation was successfull my only problem is whatever NIC i
>> installed in the system it still can't detect the card.
>> i don't wat to put fedora on my production server, my option is to replace
>> my motherboard what board can you recommend?
> That board (p5v800-MX
> http://usa.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&l2=11&l3=229&model=765&modelmenu=1)
> is in no way a 'production server' type of motherboard. From all
> appearances it's a mid-low end desktop board for small form-factor atx
> cases. What 'server' board we can recommend depends entirely on
> budget, server tasks etc. There were some threads about this
> previously on the mailing list, but you may want to actually look at
> what is in some of the entry level servers from dell or ibm to get an
> idea.
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And you can get an entry level server from Dell for less than $500 US