[CentOS] ssh attack

Thu Feb 16 22:25:01 UTC 2006
Max <btmanmeh at verizon.net>

Jim Smith wrote:
> Without sounding rude, this item features quite regularly and it
> would be faster to search. For example this was on the Nahant list
> recently (some of the Redhat's devs views particularly on denyhosts
> is amazing.), is a sticky in the gentoo forums, features in fedora
> forum and Linux Questions etc.
> Thus more time could be given to solve non-recurring important issues.
No rudeness taken. In response, without sounding rude back, isn't that 
what a forum is supposed to be about? If someone finds a topic to not be 
important, delete the post, or ignore it, and find an issue you find 
important to reply to. I only mentioned the DenyHosts link because, I 
myself, just found the project a few days ago, and no one had mentioned 
it on this thread.

There are a million ways to handle a common issue like this, I think the 
original poster was simply looking to be pointed to some good ways to 
handle it. I just learned of all the different ways to handle SSH 
attacks by reading this post as well, so if someone can learn something 
from a recurring issue, then that's a good thing.

I've been told time after time to RTFM by my mentor, but he still takes 
the time to sit me down and show me the good and right way to do even 
the simple things. And at the very least, he'll shoot a URL to me with 
the information to read on my own time. Sometimes there can be too much 
information on a certain topic, and new people to Linux don't know which 
is the best way to do a simple task. It can be confusing to know which 
is the best or preferred way people are handling things.

I understand you though, so don't take offense. :)