[CentOS] Apache 2.x and php???

Thu Feb 2 06:47:40 UTC 2006
rado <rado at rivers-bend.com>

On Wed, 2006-02-01 at 22:34 +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Ash Christopher wrote:
> > 
> > wow...this book is copyrighted(2004) if that makes any difference. I
> > sure don't like the idea of going backwards w/Apache, since, although I
> > don't use php but w/standard xhtml/css it has shown me no problems at
> > all and I just don't like to even think in terms of doing what they
> > suggest. But I want to hear from y'all on this. Do y'all find that these
> > problems between Apache 2.0 and PHP are really that prominent as they
> > have stated? Or, maybe I am wishful thinking here but I am hoping that
> what are the problems they have stated ? it might be a good idea to also 
> as the php lists and the apache lists about these issues.
> > some will reply that they have no problems whatsoever using the 2
> > together...instead...just go to this website and there is a good
> > tutorial on this subject. lol
> > 
> if you have any problems, file bugs. we'd rather handle them that way
when I first posted on this, I quoted the book I was reading, the msg
got 7 quick replies...everyone of them more or less stated that there
seem to be no problems w/centos/apache/and php just the way it comes
right now...the book was/is copyrighted in 2004 and there might have
been issues then or the author is just set in his ways w/the older
version of apache but after reading the replies, I feel very good about
the current apache shipped w/centos 4.2 and php...
I think this is a dun deal now

thx all,

John Rose