[CentOS] Groupware

Mon Feb 6 00:07:31 UTC 2006
Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org>

HI Ago,

Thanks for that, yes I guess I should have been more specific, since 
most of my userbase are hung up on "must have" outlook, I guess outlook 
integration is a plus point, as is a good web interface.

AD integration is of no interest to me either way, but access to shared 
contacts and calendars is....

As a Micro$oft partner (cough) I have access to Exchange for very low 
cost, but not the enterprise version, and can install exchange with my 
eyes closed, but I have several VPN sites to consider and don't want to 
spend money on Microsoft Enterprise exchange and have all the baggage 
that goes with it (eg. backup software and the general bloat of M$ exchange)

So in short a groupware system that can run multiple servers at remote 
sites (as enterprise connected exchange), has a webmail facility and 
doesn't need to integrate with MS AD...



Deim Ágoston wrote:

>it depends on what you want to achieve. Open-Xchange meant to be a
>replacement of MSExchange just as OpenGroupware.org. Both were commercial
>products and later they opened the code. Both of them have outlook
>connectors (OX calls it OXtender). OpenXchange is a bit harder to
>integrate with Samba3 in PDC mode. But they can perform a very good job.
>You can buy commercial support also. Kolab also has an Outlook plugin to
>work seamlessly with Kolab but I didn't tested it.

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