[CentOS] nmap showing lots of ports open that shouldn't be

Sun Feb 12 22:09:13 UTC 2006
Jim Bassett <jim at datamantic.com>

On Feb 12, 2006, at 4:56 PM, Steve Bergman wrote:

> Jim Bassett wrote:
>> Is it over reacting to pull the plug and start over?
> Silly question.  You are certain that the machine you are probing  
> is your machine, right?  The ip address of you cable modem hasn't  
> changed without you knowing it, etc?  (I've done sillier things,  
> which is why I ask.)
> It's odd that smtp shows to be open, e.g.  Even without the  
> firewall, isn't sendmail configured only to listen on
> -Steve

I've done sillier things in the past. But I am probing the right  
machine. It is colocated on a static IP. I just ran it again.

The machine I am using to run nmap is connected to the net through a  
friends base station and I don't know anything about his setup. But I  
can successfully surf, send mail, and ssh into my server. Is there  
any chance that even though I am specifying my server IP in nmap that  
it is instead scanning my friends machine on my local network?

About smtp: I did just install a mail server, so I guess that is why  
smtp is open. But I didn't explicitly open the port myself. I can see  
in netstat that a bunch of stuff is open for mail (and spam assassin  
and clamav.) Maybe that install messed with iptables?