[CentOS] Milter-Greylist

Tue Feb 14 00:43:36 UTC 2006
Joe Polk <listuser.jav at gmail.com>

Benjamin Smith wrote:

>Use it with my business mail server with virtually perfect success - much less 
>load average than Spam Assassin, and no false positives, too. With 
>Milter-Greylist and using the SpamHaus sbl-xbl black list, SPAM load is down 
>over 98%. (from thousands per day to perhaps 20!) 
>Now I protect a small ISP with it, with about 3,000 accounts. It uses LOTS of 
>system resources when you get that big... We have a single mid-range Athlon 
>system just for the greylisting, as the MX for the 500 or so domains - and 
>that pretty well taps the machine! 
>It has a tendency to get itself "confused" under very heavy loads, so we have 
>a cron script that runs every 5 minutes to tail the maillog file and restart 
>everything if it goes awry. 
>But, it works pretty well. 
It sounds like it will do the trick, then. Should we use it and SA or 
ditch SA? It sounds like some are.