[CentOS] Postgresql 8.1.x on CentOS 3.6

Thu Feb 16 13:15:31 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> Does anyone know if there are any Postgresql 8.1.3 RPMs for CentOS 3.6?
> I've looked at the Postgresql website but I couldn't find anything
> under RHEL3/CentOS3. I've tried installing the RHEL4 RPMs which seem
> to work. Unfortunately, I'm getting errors whenever I try to compile
> PHP5 from source.

This is a BAD IDEA. The rhel4 rpms are built for RHEL4, so if they
work, they won't be stable. They're expecting the 2.6 kernel, the libs
associated with rhel4 etc. These aren't there in 3.6. If you NEED php5
and postgresql 8, you should consider using centos4 and the
postgresql8/php5 rpms for centos4. Keep in mind that they're not
stock. If you're trying to force them onto your system because you
want them, you might give gentoo a try.

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