Returning to - Re: [CentOS] Installing Java 1.4.2

Mon Feb 20 01:31:53 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at>

> It SEEMs that jpackage has a java JDK that I can use?

That's not a java jdk, that's the compatibility rpm. As their
description says "This package provides JPackage compatibility
symlinks and directories for the vendor's JDK rpm." All it does is
provide links.

> It is 1.5.0 and the Centos instructions
> (
> recommend 1.4.2, but oh well.

Did you LOOK at the jpackage page? There are packages for 1.4.2 java
versions also. Keep in mind, you still have to get java from

> So do I put in 2 yum repros in /etc/yum.repos.d?
> CentOS-Base.repo
> is currently in there.
> Can I add:
> jpackage.repo
> and install their gpg key?
> then:  yum install java-1.5.0-sun-compat     ???

Do you want 1.5, or 1.4.2?

> After that, a yum update would first hit the Centos site for updates,
> then the jpackage?

This will give you access to the packages that jpackage can distribute, yes.

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