[CentOS] Proper way to give rights at the file system?

Wed Feb 22 20:10:51 UTC 2006
James Pifer <jep at obrien-pifer.com>

> Two points of information:
> 	#1:
> 	To chmod an entire tree (everything under directory "X" and X
> 	itself) do :   
> 	chmod -R  [permissions]   X
> 	the "-R" causes it to do every file and directory within and
> 	under "X"
> 	#2:
> 	This is a risky configuration.
> 	You probably should not do this to "/usr".  arbitrarily changing
> 	permission on system files WILL break your system.
> 	I suggest creating another directory else and letting the user(s)
> 	upload files to that safe place, then moving the files into your
> 	system yourself after they arrive. (Or have some trusted admin
> 	do it.

I really can't move the files. BUT, I will not be modifying /usr. I will
be modifying the rights to one directory under /usr and its subs. So if
there's a directory like /usr/thisisit, thisisit is where the chmod will
happen. Otherwise /usr will be left completely as is. 

Thanks for all the info.