[CentOS] xen vs. vmware server

Thu Feb 23 23:38:23 UTC 2006
Deim Agoston <ago at lsc.hu>

Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Just want to add here that on one AMD64 machine where I've run Xen and
> VMware GSX, I've seen Xen to manage resources slightly better than VMware
> - K
Hmm.  And did you run Winows beside Linux (or FreeBSD/NetBSD etc.)? Last
time I've take a look at the hg sources of xen there was a big fat
warning about the effects of using Windows and Linux together. It's been
said by the Xen guys that this kinf od setup will eat my resources
(beside my hamster).
Personally I prefer Xen to Vmware. But that doesn't matter :)