[CentOS] crm solution

Tue Jan 3 18:42:39 UTC 2006
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

Grant McChesney wrote:
> There's a good summary here:
> http://voip-blog.tmcnet.com/telecom-crm/archives/2005/07/22/first-coffee-for-july-22-2005.asp

Thanks -- I followed the trail a little bit more, and that article is
actually a little non-informative about the hubjub that went on. It
looks to be a tangled mess of morals involved, and I'm not entirely sure
vTiger or Sugar is right.

- vtiger is based on v1.0 of Sugar (so by now they're a lot different)

- vtiger decided to fork before trying to contribute anything, removed
all copyrights and rebranded work that wasn't theirs as their own code.
The also consulted a lawyer regarding this beforehand, and within three
hours after being contacted by Sugar they sent a letter to ESR saying
they were right and such (which legally they may have been). Many seem
to think this was orchestrated/premeditated and not in the spirit of
Open Source.

I'm not entirely sure that I'd want to use or stand behind vTiger, not
unless some more in-depth research into their morals was conducted. Not
that I'm at all a Sugar advocate, but something sure doesn't smell too
kosher here, you know?

Interesting...thanks for bringing this up.


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