[CentOS] telnet to serial connection?

Wed Jan 4 22:03:18 UTC 2006
Steve Huff <shuff at vecna.org>

hello folks!

here's my situation: i've got two WTI RPB+ remote power switches  
(essentially a 5-port power strip which you can control via serial  
interface to make each of the ports switch on and off  
independently).  they work fine; i plug a DB-9 cable into the back of  
my machine, fire up minicom, and i have full control.

however, my eventual plan is to use these as fencing devices for a  
small RHCS cluster i'm building, and so the fencing process will need  
to be scriptable.  RHCS wants to fence by invoking a "/sbin/ 
fence_<whatever>" script that uses Net::Telnet to connect to the  
fencing device and then enters the commands.

so, it seems that what i need is a telnet server running on my CentOS  
box that, instead of calling /bin/login when someone connects,  
instead starts up a serial session (i'd prefer something more  
transparent than minicom, if possible).  anyone have any good ideas  
on how to do this?  i had been thinking of creating a user for this  
purpose whose shell was /usr/bin/minicom, but i'm open to other  


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