[CentOS] Compile vs. RPM

Mon Jan 9 08:18:54 UTC 2006
Mickael Maddison <centos at silverservers.com>

Hello CentOS,

I'm an old hat, and have been compiling my own MySQL, Apache, PHP,
OpenSSL, ModSSL, etc. for my webservers for years.  I'm playing around
with the RPM installs on CentOS, and have basically been able to get
most things setup so that they "function" about the same.

If I could stick to RPM's rather than compiling my own sources, it
would save me a fair bit of time, but of course, it would limit the
customization benefit.  what I'm wondering, is if anyone on this list
has any good reasons why one method would be better, more secure, etc
than the other.  I'm tempted to start using RPM's instead of compile

Comments appreciated, thanks.

Best regards,
mailto:centos at silverservers.com