[CentOS] Best pratice for this scenario

Tue Jan 10 17:28:22 UTC 2006
RNuno <glist at moonlight.pt>

Hello all,

I'm in the middle of the migration of an old web-server to a new CentOS.
Let me explain how things work now, I have a group of devs that use the
same user to work on the sites, this have a problem because we never know
who alter witch file.

Most of the files on the old web-server are owned like devuser:apache
and in the new one I setup LDAP-Auth to get the real users but the problem
that I see here is this:

All users of the devgroup should change/delete/create files

So if I have a file owned userA:devgroup and so on since every dev
belongs to
the devgroup this will work fine but then I have to put the user apache
on the mix, right?

Some sites have to write files so in that case I have a problem because
i will
have a file owned userA:devgroup and for apache write it I have to make
it world write.

My english is a lilte lame I dunno if I explain myself correctly here,
but how do you
manage this types of permissions?

-- Ricardo