[CentOS] 2.5.STABLE6-3.4E.11 Problem

Thu Jan 12 03:14:26 UTC 2006
Peter Kitchener <peter at registriesltd.com.au>

Has anyone had a problem with this version of Squid, we are using 
Centos4, and this is the latest package of squid. The problem occurs 
when a host attempts to make a SSL connection that involves a reverse 
DNS lookup, it will cause squid to crash. I ran squid with the "-d 10" 
option to find out what happens, and this is the error i get.

How you reproduce this error is, find a SSL enabled website, get the IP 
address and type into your browser, https://<ipaddress>/ and this will 
produce the error

(squid): rfc1035.c:417: rfc1035RRUnpack: Assertion `(*off) <= sz' failed.

Squid will then proceed to restart itself.

Has anyone else found this problem?


Peter K