[CentOS] Remote printing problem

Fri Jan 13 00:06:09 UTC 2006
P Marvin Eberly <eberlyml at wjtl.net>

Hello list,
 I am trying to set up a remote Epson printer with a Epson print server
attached. I am using IPP  and when setting up a print queue from system-
config-printer, I am unable to print a test page. I get this error:

There was a problem sending CUPS test page
to 'remote740' queue:

lpr: error - unable to print file: server-error-service-unavailable

I can however print a test page from http://localhost:631/printers,
whether I set up the queue in http://localhost:631/printers or in
system-config-printer. If I set up a queue from the web interface
system-config-printer does not see it, but the web interface sees any
queue I set up. This is a fully updated CentOS 4.2 Athlon XP machine and
I have this remote printing working perfect from FC3 and from CentOS 3
machines on this network. The queue is never seen in OO or any other
apps that I've tried to print from. 

 I am probably missing something simple, but cannot find it.

Thanks for any ideas,