[CentOS] Customizing desktop systems

Sun Jan 22 16:17:28 UTC 2006
Collins Richey <crichey at gmail.com>

My company is now in the process of rolling out enterprise desktop
systems (mostly rhel3 since we have some commercial software that is
not quite ready for rhel4). Most of our users (ca. 120 workstations)
are using RH9. I've developed a simple, extensible set of kickstart
post procedures and firstboot procedures that provide a quick way to
image new systems, but one thing is missing.

I haven't found a good way to deliver a common desktop image for KDE
or Gnome. We want to provide each new user with a common set of
desktop icons, for example. I tried using a preloaded /etc/skel, but
that doesn't work very well. There are too many individual hidden
files and directories where userid is imbedded. I would need to search
and replace userid in a lot of files.

Has anyone in the group tackled this sort of problem, and would you
care to share your methods?

What I'm trying to avoid is having to configure each new desktop
manually to have a common look and feel.

Collins Richey
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