[CentOS] agp video card direction

Tue Jan 31 19:14:45 UTC 2006
Robert Hanson <roberth at abbacomm.net>


i am thinking of purchasing a 256 meg or larger AGP video card

my current card is a 128 meg nvidia geforce fx 5200 and i have a viewsonic
vp201s lcd monitor

are their larger memory AGP cards worth buying? i have no idea

it will be for serious CentOS and Win XP integration and testing and
eventually production issues...

XP is a necessary support issue in these circumstances

since i am not a gamer (used to duke nukem a long time ago etc) i am mainly
looking for the best stability and quality price performance etc blah

i hope to do anything and everything with this card eventually

im willing to spend an extra few bucks to "do right" in this purchase.

can everyone chime in on nvidia vrs ati and all that please?

thanks in advance!

 - rh

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