[CentOS] "dumb" SATA controller recommendation

Thu Jan 5 21:11:38 UTC 2006
Bryan J. Smith <thebs413 at earthlink.net>

Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com> wrote:
> Just wondering if any 4.2 users out there have a favourite
> "dumb" PCI controller to add a couple of SATA ports to a
> motherboard that doesn't include SATA support.  I'm not
> looking for anything fancy, just 2 SATA ports that a recent
> vintage kernel will recognize without a lot of
> gymnastics.  The intended use is for relatively light 
> weight internet browser workstations for younger students.
> Suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

Because of all of the arbitrary non-sense that goes on
between the drive, controller/channel, etc..., I really can't
recommend a particular chip.  I could probably suggest one or
two HPT (High Point Technology) models, but then they will
probably run you $50-60.

For $120, I can suggest the 3Ware Escalade 8006-2, even for
JBOD.  I know that's probably a bit more than you want to
spend, but consider it -- especially if you could see the
value of mirror disks.  But even if you are just going to do

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