Linux HA may not be the best choice in your situation. [CentOS]High Availability using 2 sites

Thu Jan 5 21:15:05 UTC 2006
Bryan J. Smith <thebs413 at>

Todd Reed <treed at> wrote:
> Ok...I see some of your points, but if SITE_A talked to
> SITE_B via the internet and they use a 1:1NAT, if the
> goes down at SITE_A, it breaks the 1:1 NAT.  Servers down
> different than the Internet connection being down.

Didn't I basically put everything short of a big asterisk on
that in the 3-some-odd times I explained it?!  ;->

> I never said RRD should be used for failover.  I said it
> could be in combination with my idea.

If you have any failover, it's best to update the DNS just in
case it's longer than you expect.  ;->

> I guess it would help to know if the web services are
> serving only the company, or are they serving the 
> public/Internet?

Exactly!  That's why I keep both agreeing _and_ dismissing
many suggestions, because most are only feasible _if_ they
are for a corporate intranet.  Most are too arbitrary for the

I believe the original poster was talking about the Internet,
but I could be wrong.

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