Linux HA may not be the best choice in yoursituation. [CentOS]High Availability using 2 sites

Fri Jan 6 01:00:36 UTC 2006
Todd Reed <treed at>

In a nutshell and very first of all, you need at least 2 internet
connections.  Those ISP must be willing to setup BGP peering between
your routers and theirs.  Once that agreement has been made, you need to
get their AS Numbers and submit the ASN request located on ARIN's
website (  After some paperwork and money
exchanges, ARIN assigns you an AS number.  At that point, you can
configure the BGP peering.  There's more details to it, but that's what
I went through in a nutshell.  ARIN has a pretty good flowchart of their
process located at


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[CentOS]High Availability using 2 sites

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Exactly!  That's why I keep both agreeing _and_ dismissing
> many suggestions, because most are only feasible _if_ they
> are for a corporate intranet.  Most are too arbitrary for the
> Internet.
> I believe the original poster was talking about the Internet,
> but I could be wrong.

Yes I am talking about the Internet, not an Intranet. Thanks for all 
your replies, especially Brian, they've helped me see more clearly what 
the options are. I'd already given up on Round Robin or any other kind 
of DNS 'solution' before I posted, after reading this:

I don't think the difficulties and expense of getting an AS number and 
setting up BGP to work with our ISP will be worth it, but I'm not sure -

what steps exactly are involved in doing that?

Tim Edwards
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