[CentOS] Extending Network - OT

Fri Jan 6 04:06:52 UTC 2006
Alain Reguera <alain.reguera at gmail.com>

> "Upgrade" a network?  "Extend" a network?
> I have no context whatsoever to work with.

Thanks for replay Bryan. Excuse me for my low knowledge level. I'll
try to explain it.

Imagine you need to give service(mail, web, browsing etc.) to
different institutions. Some institution connect using commuted lines
and others directly through the main ISP router. The location of the
node where all the servers and the main local router are, is inside
one of these institutions. In this moment, the network of the node
have a subneted C class range  and the local institution (where is the
node place) is connected using a PC with 2 interfaces that connects
both networks.

At this time all is working, but new workstations are planed to arrive
and we need to increase the number of stations in the local
institution, so 254 PCs actually are not enough. So we are looking a
way to extend or increase the number of possibles workstation.

I proposed the idea of create various networks and separate the local
institutional services from the node, to make them independent one of
another. So, connected to the main local router will be a switch, this
will be the top level local switch where the node and the local
institution will be.

The node is formed by various servers that will be connected directly
to the switch. The main objective of the node is to administer mail
accounts and RADIUS service (don't know it at all) and control
browsing for the users connected.

The institution is formed by a PC with various eth interfaces, one to
connect to the router, and a serie of 192.168.1-2-3-...n.0 that permit
us to connect 254 workstation for each one. Maybe will be needed more
than 1 box here, think that the number of eth interfaces in a PC is
limited. The main objective here are browsing, mail and web

That's it, don't know if I explain my self. Don't know if my idea is
correct, just an idea of what I've been reading on Douglas E. Comer
TCP/IP (my first reading about networks).

Again, thanks Bryan for replaying.

Any suggestion or idea of how make this will be strongly appreciated.