[CentOS] Extending Network - OT

Fri Jan 6 22:16:09 UTC 2006
Bryan J. Smith <thebs413 at earthlink.net>

> Thanks for suggestions, have been very useful
> I would select:
> 1. Pay for a network engineer.

um-ahem.  ;->

> 2. Pay for new routers and make a more complex design for
> departments.

Nah, a good layer-3 stack would do nicely.  Of course, for
400 systems, that would be $5+K.

Heck, if cost is a real issue, even a layer-3 tier-1 and a
layer-2 tier-2 is doable.  That would be far less costly.

Remember, managed switches give you a lot of control over
your network, especially routing with layer-3.  It's cheaper
than you think.

> 3. just specify your network to be bigger than that. For
> example
> gives you 510 hosts

Yep, supernetting.

> router-------PC with 2NICS--------Institute LAN
>       real IP         
> Is supernetting available this way or can be used only
> between routers?

You don't need any routing if you're supernetting, other than
to get to the Internet.

If you're going to supernet, you might as well do 4+ class
Cs, or move to a class B.  I recommended supernetting because
I assume you don't want to have to change IPs (only subnet

> Actually I am with the third, because of financial issues.

Well, if you're buying equipment, you'd be surprised how
little it costs to put a layer-3 GbE switch at the top.  A
layer-3 twelve (12) port GbE is sub-$1,000 these days.

Underneath it you can use "dumb" layer-2 switches (just FE)
with GbE uplinks and at least localize somethings.  That's if
you're trying to do it on the cheap.

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