[CentOS] Yum out of sync?

Tue Jan 10 03:14:52 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

On 1/9/06, Jeff Lasman <blists at nobaloney.net> wrote:
> I'm trying to run "yum update" on "CentOS release 3.4 (final)":

This is pretty out of date. 3.6 is out now, and 3.7 is in beta.

> But I'm getting an error:
> <snip>
> Package mod_ssl needs httpd = 2.0.46-44.ent.centos.2, this is not
> available.
> </snip>

You may have some version mismatch issues, or you may not have a
properly configured repo for centos.
Add "%_query_all_fmt %%{name}-%%{version}-%%{release}.%%{arch}" to
root's .rpmmacros, and run 'yum list mod_ssl' and 'yum list httpd'

> It's installed.
> So I try yum update httpd and get the same error message.
> Any ideas?

What do you have in your repo sections for centos?
This is mostly a distribution question, not a specific yum issue. This
should probably be on the centos list. Since I'd most likely answer
you there in the same manner, all of the above still stands.

Jim Perrin
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