[CentOS] pci sata raid card

Tue Jan 10 18:36:10 UTC 2006
Noel Sanchez <noel at asaiatm.com>

Thanks for your help. This IS WHILE installing centos 4.2. I can't
install centos because of this problem with the card or the drives (not
sure which one). My install is i386 while the drivers that are on the
software cd are rhel4 i686. The file is uploaded here:

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On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 09:56 -0800, Noel Sanchez wrote:
> Using centos 4.2. Trying to install pci sata raid card, Pacific
> Digital QM-4300R10. Raid card box reads that it supports linux. raid
> software has rhel 4.0 dd image. I write to floppy and use linux dd to
> "try" install drivers on my centos 4.2. I see the card in the list
> that centos gives me after loading the drivers, but when I try to use
> them, it doesn't do anything. Nothing works. I've read that rhel 4.0
> drivers will not work on centos 4.2. What I do? Is it my sata drives
> or the pci raid card or both? What is recommended? Should one use
> regular sata drives and use them on the motherboard and use linux
> software raid? What do others use? and how? Should one contact Pacific
> Digital for correct drivers? Do i need to compile centos drivers from
> the rhel 4.0 drivers? Are there any pci sata raid controllers that
> work right out of the box on centos 4.2? 

First ... a dd image is used to do an image WHILE installing RH or
CentOS.  You need a different image for normal operations.  Is this
during an install of CentOS, or are you adding it to an already running

Second ... Precompiled drivers are for a specific kernel version, and if
you want to use the precompiled driver, you need to use the kernel it
was built for.  CentOS kernels WILL USE drivers compiled for RHEL AS IS.

I tried looking up that card on the internet, but could find no drivers
or website that was in English.