[CentOS] vpn tools

Mon Jan 16 14:38:08 UTC 2006
Andrew Rice <andrew at nams.net>

Well thanks for the help anyhow James..just wondering why this vpn route isnt working.
getting some errors such as Informational Exchange message for an established ISAKMP S
A must be encrypted and ignoring vendor payload.

| On 16 Jan 2006, at 8:59 PM, Andrew Rice wrote:
| >hmm I tried that but it didnt seem to want to let me specify the  
| >interface
| >just printed out the options for traceroute...
| Sorry Andrew, my bad. I had a connection via OpenVPN to a remote  
| server and did the test quickly ... from a Mac. Was lost in other  
| shell stuff and forgot I wasn't on the same platform as you this  
| time. Can you do anything with ping -R (I'm sure that's universal) to  
| record the route and see what happens. Other than that I'm lost on  
| what you could try.
| Apologies,
| James
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