[CentOS] Kernel update and csgfs

Thu Jan 19 17:05:47 UTC 2006
Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob at suespammers.org>

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On Thu, Jan 19, 2006 at 09:59:18AM -0500, Bowie Bailey wrote:
> I though dependency tracking was what yum and rpms were for?  If I
> installed the cman-kernel package via yum, shouldn't I get a dependency
> warning if I try to install the new kernel?  I know I would get one if I
> tried to install the current cman-kernel package on top of the new
> kernel.

That is a common misconception. I mean, yes, rpm does dependency checking,
but the dependency problem is greater than that.

You see, think about licq (ICQ client). It doesn't depend on dbus
to work. But it CAN use dbus. So, if you are using that feature,
and change dbus, you will get no dependency link, and licq can still

The issue is a little different regarding kernel. You can have several
different kernels installed. If you module depend on a given kernel
version, and that version is installed, you will have no dependency
problem. But if you boot using a different kernel, your module
won't work.

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