[CentOS] Hard Drive Errors

Fri Jan 20 22:36:58 UTC 2006
Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org>

Thats a good point, its quite normal for a small number of bad sectors 
to be present, and the drive will silently remap these.

Usually the bad sectors will be spread over the drive if they all fall 
in one place or explosively increase over a few days thats when your in 
trouble and thats when the smartd will report the drive is about to fail,

currently its not at the "about to fail" level.

Most hard disk manufacturers won't replace a drive unless the total 
number of bad sectors is more than 1% of the drive, as of late though 
with disks become huge compared to the
"good old days", this can now be gigs of bad sectors which I would 
consider unsatisfactory....

You've only got 72 unreadable sectors this probably equates to about 
36kbytes on the whole disk, which is probably at the very least a few 

Not something that would bother me... unless the numbers are on the move!


Les Mikesell wrote:

>On Fri, 2006-01-20 at 16:15, James Gagnon wrote:
>>Thanks for the info...
>>Yeah the only errors I see in /var/log/messages are:
>>smartd[2019]: Device: /dev/hda, 38 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
>>smartd[2019]: Device: /dev/hda, 34 Offline uncorrectable sectors
>>So obviously there is an issue with some sectors on the hard drive.. just
>>don't know how much I should worry about it at this time...
>If the drive is still under warranty you might want to run
>the smartctl tests or the vendor's diagnostics (might require
>moving to a windows box).  Otherwise just make sure you have a
>backup of anything critical (good advice in any case).