[CentOS] Self-signed certificates

Tue Jan 24 00:31:08 UTC 2006
Jeff Lasman <blists at nobaloney.net>

On Monday 23 January 2006 03:37 pm, Thomas E Dukes wrote:

> I have seen that but it is possible to have a secure connection using
> named based virtual hosts.  Been doing it for a while, visit
> https://mail.palmettodomains.com, just trying to get the name on the
> certificate to match.  I was just tring to get a separate certificate
> for other sub-domains using different/correlating naming, but it
> looks like the certificates have to be named 'server'.key or .crt.

I'm not sure of your point, Thomas.

When I visit your site: https://mail.palmettodomains.com

I get a secure site for secure.palmettodomains.com.

Which is what I'd expect with name-based hosting, and which is what the 
original poster said he's trying to avoid.

There is one way to get name-based hosting to work with individual 
certificates and not get name mismatch errors, and that's to set up the 
secure site on a different port.  And I don't recommend that if anyone 
is ever going to have to type the URL into a browser; people just get 
confused.  My recommendation is to only do that if the connection is 
only by link.

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