[CentOS] freenx

Tue Jan 24 10:54:15 UTC 2006
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 23/01/06, Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com> wrote:
> just out of curiosity...does anyone actually have freenx server working
> on CentOS 4 and have clients connecting to it?

I got it working on WBEL4 but I had to use an older version of the client.

On the server I have:


And I'm running NX Client for Windows - version 1.4.0-92.

I'd set it up with the latest client and I'm convinced everything was
spot-on configuration-wise. Some Googling for whatever error I was
getting (this was a few months back) led me to trying an older client.

I should still have the installer lying about if you need it.