[CentOS] freenx

Tue Jan 24 13:04:55 UTC 2006
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 13:29 +0100, Paul Schoonderwoerd wrote:
> This is what worked for me on CentOS 4.2:
> I followed the advice on Rick Stout's page after reading about problem's 
> earlier with the CentOS freenx and nx packages:
> http://fedoranews.org/contributors/rick_stout/freenx/
> and downloaded these packages from that site:
> nx-1.5.0-4.FC3.1
> freenx-0.4.4-1.fdr.0
> Then, for testing I installed the Linux nxclient package from the 
> nomachine.com site (nxclient-1.5.0-135) on the same system (server), imported 
> the key and was able to connect and start a second X desktop. (This messes up 
> some groupsettings on files in your home-dir so better use a testuser 
> account.
> I'm not sure if this will solve anything because at first I tested with the 
> CentOS packages but with an older client and without importing keys (which 
> should work with the included key from Nomachine.com, but didn't). Does 
> anybody know how to get this working on CentOS ? It does work when trying to 
> connect to a Knoppix-booted  'nx terminal server' system. It needs a system 
> (default knoppix) user though.

There was a problem a long time ago with one version of nx/freenx for
CentOS ... it now works OK.

I will verify that I am using the latest clients from nomachine.  I was
earlier this month

ok ... all these connecting clients connecting to a CentOS-4 freenx/nx
server via port 22 and encrypt traffic mode on the client:

Windows version of client 1.5.0-138 (on WinXP) ... works perfect

Windows version of client 1.5.0-138 (on Win2000) ... works perfect

Windows version of client 1.5.0-138 (on Win2003 Server) ... works

Linux version of client 1.5.0-135 (on CentOS-3) ... works perfect

Linux version of client 1.5.0-135 (on CentOS-4) ... works perfect

Linux version of client 1.5.0-135 (on FedoraCore-3) ... works perfect

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