[CentOS] Unknown Files in /tmp

Sat Jan 28 15:56:09 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Mark Sargent wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> 2 days ago, I used skype on my laptop, which hadn't seen the net 
>> before then. I successfully spoke with my mother, and had no 
>> problems. Yesterday, I had what I believe was an unauthorized access 
>> to my laptop, so, I  changed all passwds on my smoothwall box, and 
>> also put the local host onto a new subnet. Today, I experienced some 
>> weirdness with skype, where, I could hear/be heard, but, the ring 
>> tone for calling/receiving 
> depending on what version of skype you are using - it might be worth 
> while doing a 'downgrade', the latest greatest version of skype for 
> linux does not work, they know it does not, and they dont care.
> I've been using 0.8.something for a long time now, it works, i hear 
> voice. and dont intend to upgrade.

I've also found Skype to be a bit dodgy under Linux.  Sometimes it 
works, sometimes it doesn't.  When I really need to use it, I boot up 
WinXP on my laptop and it works fine.  As Karanbir noted, they don't 
seem to really care what happens on the Linux front so I wouldn't hold 
your breath waiting for any fixes if it turns out to be a 
version-specific issue.  If it's just a matter of tweaking your 
firewall, consider yourself lucky.