[CentOS] Unknown Files in /tmp

Sun Jan 29 16:52:33 UTC 2006
Mark Sargent <powderkeg at snow.email.ne.jp>

Mark Sargent wrote:

> Jim Wildman wrote:
>> Of course /tmp is a scratch pad.  Here is what I would do
>> 1) run rpm -Va | grep bin to see if any binaries have been changed
> man, runs forever on my slow laptop. will post any abnormalities later 

[root at localhost ~]# rpm -Va | grep bin
prelink: /usr/bin/vbox: at least one of file's dependencies has changed 
since prelinking
S.?......   /usr/bin/vbox
........C   /usr/bin/acroread

Below is the man page for vbox. Interesting that I'm experiencing 
problems, and this has been changed, apparently. Thoughts? 
Over-reaction, and nothing to stress about? Cheers.

Mark Sargent.