[CentOS] Creating my own YUM repository

Mon Jan 30 16:27:17 UTC 2006
Bassett, Mark <Mark.Bassett at owh.com>

Use YAM from dag.  Then set up a custom repository directory as well,
that's exactly what we do :) 


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I have already 6 Centos machines here and it is getting strange 
having to pull down updates to each system.

Seems like I should set up one system to pull updates and then all 
other systems to point to it.


Plus then I would want to add to this repository.

Say that a number of my systems use tomcat which is only available 
via rpm.  I would like to be able to add it to my repository, and if 
even manually, to keep it current.  This way, when I build a new 
system, after the build I would do a yum update (from my server), 
then a yum install of all of the extras that particular system needs.

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