[CentOS] Bind cache - hobbyist's silly question

Tue Jan 31 14:06:51 UTC 2006
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 27/01/06, Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net> wrote:
> Kill -2 of named will cause it to dump the cache.  Depends on whether it
> is running in a chrooted directory or non.  Try
> /var/named/chroot/var/named then you should find something like dump.db
> if my memory serves me correctly.

The dump file's configurable in named.conf (or presumable named.custom
too.) In a non-chrooted environment it's dumped into /var/named/data/
You can also do an "rndc dumpdb" to get the cache dump.

[root at willspc wmcdonald]# rndc
Usage: rndc [-c config] [-s server] [-p port]
        [-k key-file ] [-y key] [-V] command

command is one of the following:

  reload        Reload configuration file and zones.
  reload zone [class [view]]
                Reload a single zone.
  refresh zone [class [view]]
                Schedule immediate maintenance for a zone.
  reconfig      Reload configuration file and new zones only.
  stats         Write server statistics to the statistics file.
  querylog      Toggle query logging.
  dumpdb        Dump cache(s) to the dump file (named_dump.db).
  stop          Save pending updates to master files and stop the server.
  halt          Stop the server without saving pending updates.
  trace         Increment debugging level by one.
  trace level   Change the debugging level.
  notrace       Set debugging level to 0.
  flush         Flushes all of the server's caches.
  flush [view]  Flushes the server's cache for a view.
  status        Display status of the server.
  *restart      Restart the server.

* == not yet implemented
Version: 9.2.4