[CentOS] Re: Mysql login-problem after recent 4.1.20 upgrade (CentOS4.3, x86_64)

Mon Jul 3 14:04:52 UTC 2006
Francois Caen <frcaen at gmail.com>

On 6/10/06, Simen Thoresen <simentt at dolphinics.no> wrote:
> This means that functionality up until the upgrade relied on a 'bug', or at
> least a mis-configuration.
> Further, the updated version seems to have changed this behaviour, and
> suddenly enforced the '% is everything but localhost' mysqlism, or suddenly
> started treating '' as matching 'localhost' instead of '%'.

I'm so glad you posted that fix! I had the exact problem when doing
the same upgrade.
The GRANT for user at localhost fixed it.

Francois Caen, RHCE, CCNA
SpiderMaker, LLC