[CentOS] only one mysql process in pstree

Thu Jul 20 06:30:11 UTC 2006
Renjith Rajan <renjith at poornam.com>

Hi All,

  I have two servers, one is centos 4.3 (new) and other is rh9 (old). Both of 
them run mysql as the primary database server. I installed mysql via the rpms 
available in mysql.com downloads.

  Recently when i do "pstree", i noticed that RH9 server shows many mysql 
children while centos shows only one. Here is the pstree result. (Both of 
them runs the same version of mysql)

server A (RH9 , MySQL-server-4.1.19-0.glibc23 )


server B (CentOS 4.3 , MySQL-server-4.1.19-0.glibc23 )

  my question is, why mysql is showing one process in centos?. I use same 
my.cnf in both servers. So i believe it is not a config issue. I believe 
someone can explain it to me.

Renjith Rajan